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Cloud Productivity Resources

Cloud Productivity Resources


Digital Transformation Explainer



Three Reasons SharePoint is Still Relevant
It's about Data, Not Assumptions: [How to Win Customers and
Increase Profits] 
Unlocking Your Data's Hidden Treasures: [5 Things Businesses Should Learn From Their Analytics]
Process Automation [What it is, What to Automate, How to Plan]
Solutions Brief [HR Automation]
How Skype for Business Beats Traditional Phone Systems
Why a C-Level Executive Needs Skype for Business



I Hate SharePoint
5 Ways to Improve your Corporate Intranet
Business Process Automation Blogs
Business Productivity Blogs
What's New in Dynamics 365 for Sales for Small to Medium sized Businesses 
Digital Transformation Blogs
Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Blogs
Identity MGT and Enterprise Mobility + Security Blogs
Office 365 Blogs
Your Operating System Could Be Killing Productivity
Skype for Business Blogs
Windows 10 Blogs



11 Ways to Put the "Team" Back in Sales, Marketing and Service
It's About Data, Not Assumptions
How to Start with Business Process Automation
Enterprise Mobility + Security Poster
Cloud Identity and Access Infographic
Implementing Skype for Business


Recorded Webinars

How Business Process Automation Can Help Your Business
Contract Management with Nintex
Disaster Recovery [Backups are Not Enough]
The Power of Enterprise Mobility + Security
Microsoft Skype for Business with KiZAN and Sonus



Dynamics 365 for Sales Quickstart 
EMS Proof of Concept
Office 365 Bundled Services
Office 365 Migration Packages
Compare Skype for Business with Competitors
Windows 10 Packaged Offers