Webinar - The Power of Enterprise Mobility + Security 

Keep Pace with Security Challenges!

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Curtiss Adams_P Seller.jpgDuration: 60 Minutes

Speakers: Curt Adams -  

Enterprise Systems Management Practice Lead





Enterprise Mobility + Secuirty (EMS) is a software aimed at delivering valuable mobility solutions. The rapid growth in enterprise apps lead to a greater challenge of protecting your company's data. This means the solutions you are using now may not have what it takes to maintain the protection you need for your organization. Microsoft EMS ensures your data is secure by:

  • Protecting at the "front door" 
  • Protecting your data from user mistakes
  • Detecting attacks before they can cause damage

Why care:

  • Organizations are increasingly pressured to enable users to “work anywhere, anytime, from any device”
  • Guarding corporate data using identity-driven security provides a more holistic approach
  • The solution set addresses user, device, app, and data security while also addressing identity and device management

Why explore:

  • Improve standardization and security across end user devices
  • Secure corporate data before it leaves the network boundaries
  • Automatically identify anomalous behavior and gain insights into root causes
  • Provide SSO, MFA, and Self-service password reset to your end users

 Webinar highlights:

  • Providing users with self-service password reset
  • Managing devices and applications
  • Reviewing security threats 


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