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Web App Modernization

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Modernize Your Web Applications

IT managers seeking to further their cloud adoption can take advantage of KiZAN’s Web App Modernization offer. Modernizing applications ensures not only that you will take advantage of the inherent scalability and high availability of the cloud, but also ensures that services will be right-sized to meet your needs. Application modernization can reduce the operating costs of a more traditional VM-based hosting environment without sacrificing security and reliability.

KiZAN’s Web App Modernization assessment will review your application, factor the performance and security necessary, and detail available modernization options to help create a suitable modernization plan.



According to Forrester’s Total Economic Impact study, app modernization increased developer efficiency and team velocity by 50% and reduced the cost of managing and maintaining on-premises environments by 10%



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Microsoft Certified

• Azure Solutions Architect Expert

• DevOps Engineer Expert

• Azure Administrator Associate

• Azure Developer Associate

• Azure Security Engineer Associate

• Azure Data Engineer Associate

• Azure Data Scientist Associate


• Web Application Assessment

• Database Assessment

• Performance Analysis

• Security Analysis

• Dependency Analysis

• Modernization Plan

• Infrastructure-as-Code for defining necessary resources

• Deployment Pipelines

• Post Modernization Support Options


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