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To all hospitals and frontline workers, we are here to help you in your fight against COVID-19.

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Virtual Rounding enables hospitals to protect their frontline workers while ensuring they can continue to provide a high standard of care during the COVID-19 crisis. By enabling secure video conferencing through Teams, direct patient contact is minimized, protecting the frontline worker and reducing the risk of spread. Utilization of video conferencing also reduces the demand on personal protective equipment which is in short supply.

If you are a hospital looking to quickly deploy Teams Virtual Rounding or have questions about deploying Virtual Rounding, our experts are here to help.

Please provide as much information as possible in the form so that we can align the proper resources to assist you and your organization as quickly as possible.

We will respond to all submissions within one business day. To ensure that our response to your request is received, please add @KiZAN.com to your trusted sender list.


An MSA or BAA may be required to begin the engagement.


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