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Optimize Retail Inventory with
Azure Machine Learning

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Never Overstock again. Optimize Retail Inventory with Azure Machine Learning.

In this webinar,

KiZAN will demonstrate how Azure Machine Learning utilization can optimize retail inventory methods and improve profitability.

We will review best practices for architecting a scalable and reproducible process, explore challenges before and after a model is deployed to production, and bring CI/CD pipelines to machine learning operations (MLOps) for faster development and deployment.

We will also dive into an example Azure Machine Learning workspace to combine multiple assets.


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Adapting to pandemic / endemic landscapes. (e.g., reopening stores with proper inventory levels).

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Understanding artificial intelligence, big data, and advanced analytics initiatives.

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Preparing for increased online traffic and cyber threats.


• Recorded 5-25-2021



• KiZAN Introduction

• Utilizing Machine Learning to Address Common Retail Scenarios

• What are DevOps and MLOps

• Machine Learning Lifecycle / Team Data Science Process

• MLOps Implementation and Maturity Model

• Demonstration of an end-to-end solution

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KiZAN is a Microsoft National Solutions Provider with numerous gold and silver Microsoft competencies, including gold data analytics. Our primary offices are located in Louisville, KY, and Cincinnati, OH, with additional sales offices located in Tennessee, Indiana, Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.