Webinar - Improving contract management processes with Nintex

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KiZAN Speaker - Justin Kobel


                     Recorded Wednesday, November 9, 2016 2:00 PM EST

                     Duration: 30 min

                     Speakers: Justin Kobel - Director of Business Productivity 



Contract Management Challenges 

Most contract management challenges fall into one of three categories: efficiency, visibility and control, and institutional knowledge. Here are a few of the many challenges organizations face in regard to contract management.

Lack of Process Effeciency 

  • Time-consuming from start to finish
  • Paper-intensive process
  • Approvals and reviews are manual 

Lack of Visibility and Control 

  • Little to no version control
  • Unable to include members outside of the organization’s Active Directory
  • Not able to easily track the progress of one or more contracts

Lack of Institutional Knowledge and Accountability 

  • Archived contracts are physical documents that need warehousing
  • Loss of longstanding contract knowledge, terms, and data
  • Lack of accountability for approvals by external and internal stakeholders

The Nintex Solution

Using the Nintex Workflow Platform, organizations can bring efficiency to every corner of the organization by automating the everyday processes that are often overlooked by other business systems. Nintex software allows organizations—large or small, local or global to simplify and streamline the contract management process by focusing on people, process, and content.

 Let us help you discover how this platform can provide an immediate ROI and transform those challenges into advantages with the business-improving capabilities Nintex has to offer!