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Infrastructure as Code Jumpstart

Infrastructure as Code Jumpstart

Establish a firm foundation to automatically build, manage, and provision your infrastructure through code.


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Teams that support or deploy workloads in Azure will receive a deployed foundation for working with Infrastructure as Code

KiZAN will establish the foundational tooling and framework necessary for your teams to operate with infrastructure as code leveraging Terraform.




Without the right tools and processes for deploying and operating your resources, Azure workloads can quickly become difficult to manage.

Manually deploying resources may cause inconsistencies between environments and are time-consuming to get stood up with the proper controls. Over time, these Azure workloads can have significant security vulnerabilities and create unnecessary expense.

This jumpstart is delivered remotely and is expected to take between 2-4 weeks to complete.




Activities & Deliverables

• Maturity assessment to evaluate your Infrastructure as Code needs

• Deployed source control environment for your team(s)

• Deployed solution for infrastructure as code releases

• Guided learning tailored to your team(s) workflows