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Datacenter Modernization

Save money and bring your workloads to the cloud with our certified best practices.


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IT managers seeking to confidently migrate servers and databases to the cloud can take advantage of KiZAN's certified best practices.

As part of our Datacenter Modernization, you'll receive a prioritized plan of the assets that need to move, cloud readiness training, deployed supporting services to manage the assets after they've been moved, and of course a tested and validated migration of your servers and databases.


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KiZAN can have assets migrated in a matter of hours, but will work with you to identify timelines that make sense for your organization to be able to successfully support the assets in the cloud long-term.




Activities & Deliverables

• Server assessment

• Database assessment

• Migration plan

• Cloud Readiness training

• Deployed Landing Zone

• Validated migration of assets

• Post-migration support options





ROI of 435%

According to Forrester's Total Economic Impact study, companies that shift some or all of their assets to Azure's infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offering could see a five-year ROI of 435%. Companies that don't effectively migrate their assets could struggle to realize the gains presented by the cloud.