Register to attend an Azure Governance Workshop!

What it is

This event is designed for IT leadership who want to understand the why, what and how of implementing Azure governance in their enterprise. KiZAN will lead this event that covers developing requirements, bringing together the right team and a demonstration of the Azure tools and capabilities that you will be using when deploying and managing Azure.

Who should attend

  • IT Leadership responsible for IT governance
  • IT Leadership charged with implementing Azure in the enterprise
  • IT Systems Management, Architecture, Security and Networking leaders who will be working on Azure Governance project teams

What to expect

  • You will learning how to set the scope and objectives of your Azure Governance Plan
  • You will gain greater insight into the process and people who need to be involved in developing and implementing your plan
  • You will view the tools and facilities in Azure that can simplify implementation and execution on your management, monitoring, security, identity, networking and charge-back plans
  • You will leave with a template for developing or revising your Azure Governance Plan

When should I schedule

  • When you are considering Azure as part of your enterprise architecture
  • When you are building your Azure implementation and management plan and team
  • After you have implemented Azure and are updating your Governance Plan to meet changes in your company and to include the latest Azure tools


  • Presentation and discussion of objectives and elements of a successful Azure Governance Plan
  • Process and roles required to develop your plan
  • Azure and third party tools that can help simplify management, reporting and automation in Azure

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